Four Paws Veterinary Clinic is open! To comply with state requirements, we are offering curbside service only at this time. Things are changing rapidly and our policies may change as needed to protect the safety of our staff and clients.


We request that you call for an appointment as usual. Simply call 643-0234 when you arrive and staff will come out to get your pet. Help us comply with social distancing! Cats must be in a carrier. Dogs must be on a SECURE leash and out of the vehicle. The leash can then be handed to a staff member. A carrier is advised for small dogs. For everyone's safety, we cannot  enter your vehicle to retrieve your pet, or take a pet passed through a window. Quick discussion of findings and plan can be done over the phone or at your vehicle.


All of us are being asked to minimize leaving our homes at this time. In most cases, refills of medication can be requested and paid for over the phone. If you would like medication dropped off at your home, just ask! We will strive to accommodate you. Your purchase of medications and preventatives helps keep our locally owned business running.

Four Paws Veterinary Clinic is now offering video consultations!

Can’t leave the house but need help with your pet?  Four Paws Vet Clinic has started offering virtual visits. We will now be available through the internet for real-time consultations for your pet. Get advice from your vet, convenient and on demand! For many conditions, you can get advice or a treatment plan in just a few minutes.

How does it work?

First, download the app Petzam, through the Apple or Google Play store. Then, put in your preferred payment method, make a profile for your pet(s) and select your veterinarian.  Type in "Milde" and press search for the veterinarian field.  You can schedule a call by emailing or calling the clinic. During the call, we’ll see your pet and come up with a plan.

Facebook video chat: Video chat is also available through our clinic page on Facebook Messenger. Call or email to set up an appointment.

Tips for success!

Make sure you are connected to high speed internet, as this improves our ability to see things. Have your pet nearby, in a well-lit room. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra hand available for holding wiggly pets!

Do I ever need to bring my pet in?

Video calls are great for a lot of stuff, but not for everything. We may be able to resolve your issue through the call, but there’s always a chance that we’ll recommend you come in for an exam or testing. If your issue can’t be resolved through the video call, and you need to come in for a physical exam, your fee will be refunded.


What is the cost?

The app bills in increments. Each ten minute increment costs $15. The majority of calls are completed in less than ten minutes. There is no charge for surgery rechecks. For Facebook Messenger appointments we can take credit card payment over the phone.

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